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Salem VA Concrete Washout Service

Are you interested in a long-term remedy to the pollution created by concrete waste disposal and dumping? KC Concrete Washouts recognizes the financial and environmental consequences of not diverting and recycling concrete waste. In turn, this is why we provide a compliant and cost-effective answer to this industry-wide issue for contractors in Salem, Virginia.

Upon pouring concrete in a construction site, it is common to clean out concrete pumps, trucks, pump lines, and pouring skips. This aids in the removal of residual concrete before it dries. Wheelbarrows, concrete truck drums, and hand tools, for example, must also be rinsed out. In addition, cement-like solids and wash water are also produced using building materials like plaster, mortar, grout, and stucco.

If your construction site uses any of these materials, it is mandatory to have an EPA-compliant concrete washout strategy. The term ‘concrete washout’ refers to a safe concrete cleanup process that incorporates innovative techniques to the reusability of concrete wash water. In turn, this guarantees effective construction waste management and sustainable construction.

KC Concrete Washouts aims to help construction sites in Salem, VA, with this ongoing issue. The concrete wash water is corrosive and rich in chromium, which can leak into the earth and damage groundwater. It can also move to a storm drain, raising nearby waterways’ pH and destroying marine life.

To help with this problem, most builders utilize plastic and hay bales. Although it could work for cement mixers, it does not work for concrete pumps. We have been exposed to this issue daily with our many years of experience in the concrete pumping sector. In turn, this resulted to the production of our first steel-concrete washout container, which is ideal for use with cement mixers and concrete pumps.

Today, we offer our clients container sizes, the largest being 10’x8’x12″ and the smaller alternative measuring 8’x6’x10″. Note that the larger containers can hold a maximum of 74 cubic feet or 2.71 yards of concrete and fit several cement mixer washouts and three pump washouts. On the other hand, the smaller alternative fits a few mixer washouts and one pump washout and features a maximum carrying capacity of 40 cubic feet or 1.48 yards of concrete.

Once the containers are no longer needed or full, our skilled team comes to pump out the water and transport the hardened concrete to a recycling plant. All our prefabricated containers are durable and consist of high-quality construction materials to prevent leaks and spills, ideal for keeping your site clean and compliant.

Thanks to our brilliant technology and well-trained team, we offer the most professional, friendly, and affordable concrete washout services in Salem, Virginia. We always make sure to address the needs of our customers and follow through with the agreed guidelines. Our team understands the importance of each project in developing sustainable and accessible future communities.

As a result, we have helped to properly dispose of concrete and protect various water bodies from contamination. Review our portfolio to see previous successful projects. If you have any inquiries about our concrete washout services, reach us on 571-320-0428 or fill out our contact form.