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Richmond Concrete Washout Service

Wherever concrete is poured, equipment must be prompted to avoid it from leading to a huge environmental or onsite problem.

Potential discharges into the storm drain systems from concrete work have become a priority of the federal and state EPA, water quality control officials, regional and local inspectors as well as a strategic target of the advocacy and environmental groups.

Our exclusive concrete washout services are designed to help you get rid of these concrete waste in a very short period.

As you know, cement products such as concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco are known to have high pH levels that are harmful to water systems, wildlife, and soil.

Various methods have been used to address the onsite washout problem. However, building onsite washout pits (and rebuilding them every time they fill up), or paying a trash hauler to line a new lowboy are expensive solutions.

That’s why KC concrete washout, a leading provider of concrete washout services in Richmond, VA, and Richmond, helps to deliver a proven solution based on our many years of field-testing and development work.

Our equipment is the best on the market, which is ideal for developers and contractors looking for a cost-effective and fully compliant method of dealing with onsite concrete washout services in Richmond, VA, or Richmond.

Our process helps to controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and runoff. Our system makes it easy to wash out concrete trucks, pumps, and equipment on-site and facilitates easy off-site recycling of the same concrete materials and wastewater.

KC concrete washout is currently being used by some of the largest residential and commercial builders in Richmond, VA, and the United States at large with tremendous success.

We have assisted builders in lowering their operational costs relating to concrete washout, overall cleanliness of job sites, maximizing operational efficiency and keeping them in compliance.

Our concrete washout service is an ideal solution for construction companies looking for a cost-effective and fully compliant method of dealing with the onsite washout.

Here are some few reasons why you should consider KC Concrete Washout for your next washout project:

  • Highly economical way to remove and recycle your concrete washout water
  • Eliminates costly fines and fees for non-compliance
  • Replaces outdated washout procedures which are costly and damaging to the environment
  • Reduces unsightly messes on job sites

Our easy process:

  1. Call us and we’ll provide an estimate for your project.
  2. Our trained team will arrive at your site as soon as we spoke with you.
  3. When the team arrived, we will get started on your project as soon as possible and deliver an excellent service for you.

Did you know?

Construction sites have long been identified as one of the largest contributors to urban runoff pollution and the unused concrete at construction sites could be contaminating your water and turn, the wildlife and vegetation.

Are you ready to change this?

We are ready to start working on your next concrete washout in Richmond VA or Richmond, contact us when you are set to begin using our safe, convenient, economical, and fully compliant concrete washout solution.