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Lynchburg VA Concrete Washout Service

Are you searching for a cost-effective, reliable, and reputable concrete washout solution in Lynchburg, VA? Well, KC Concrete Washouts, LLC, is the perfect partner to cater to your concrete washout needs. Our professional staff is ready to help you clean up your site and provide the concrete washout disposal service that you need.

In Lynchburg, VA, concrete contractors, builders, and trash haulers trust KC Concrete Washouts to perform ecologically safe concrete washouts. We take care of the entire process. From placing our prefabricated washout containers to water purification and waste removal, we do it all. As one of just a few companies in the region, we guarantee the safe handling of substances using EPA-approved procedures.

We have over 100 washout containers of different sizes accessible for distribution. It is also vital to note that we collect more than 1,600 concrete containers from worksites every year. At the very least, our technique stops 8,000 tons of concrete from accessing our landfills. Instead, we transport such waste to recycling plants at one of the area’s many recycling centers. We also collect and treat around 270,000 gallons of polluted water every year.

Our prefabricated washout containers come in two main sizes. There is a larger container that measures 10’x8’x12″ and has a carrying capacity of 74 cubic feet or 2.71 yards. With this size, you can fit up to 3 concrete washouts. Alternatively, the smaller containers is 8’x6’x10″ and a holding capacity of 40 cubic feet or 1.48 yards of concrete. Thus, this option is most suitable for one concrete washout and several cement mixer washouts. Depending on your needs, our team is ready to dispatch the required number of concrete dumpsters to ensure that your site is as clean, safe, and efficient as possible.

Washout water includes highly hazardous substances and has corrosive qualities due to its pH of 12. Suppose concrete washout runoff from a building site accesses an aquatic environment. In that case, its chemical components will injure the gills and eyes of fish and other aquatic animals in the water, causing reproduction problems.

In addition, the safe dispensing of washout water is critical since it leads to eye damage and skin irritation in construction workers. As a result, this may impede productivity and create unsafe working conditions. Concrete Washouts executed by qualified professionals ensure that the proper cleaning of your valuable equipment has no impact on the environment and the construction site.

The city of Lynchburg and the whole state of Virginia has recently exploded with new buildings and construction sites. As a result, there is an rising demand for speedy and dependable concrete washing services and concrete recycling. At KC Concrete Washouts, LLC, we take pleasure in offering professional quality work through adequately trained employees and our cutting-edge technology. Contact us at 571-320-0428 to take care of your concrete washout needs and keep your site compliant with current EPA regulations and local laws. Our team is ready to provide reliable, professional, and customer-friendly services within your budget to enhance the development and sustainability of our future communities.